BAND NAME: Edison Gower
LOCATION: Los Angeles, California
BAND MEMBERS : Jake Gideon, Mark Strong & Jillinda
MUSIC GENRE : Indie pop, Indie rock, Powerpop

WEBSITE: www.edisongower.com
MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/edisongower

Edison Gower, a two-man band from Hollywood, California, is hoping to drive you a little crazy.

We want to write the kind of songs that stay in your head for days says Mark Strong, who makes up one half of the band, you know, those songs you find yourself singing a week later without even realizing it.

Jake Gideon makes up the other half of Edison Gower. I'm not sure if I'm Edison or Gower, Jake says with a smirk. We're like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern that way.

The duo share vocal, instrumental, writing and arranging duties. After meeting through an ad that Mark placed on lamusicians.com, they knew they had found kindred musical spirits in one another.

Mark's was one of the few ads that listed influences that were right along the same lines as mine, Jake recalls. It wasn't a bunch of nu-metal crap like the other ads. It was real songwriters who were doing a lot of that things, musically, that I was hoping to do. I wasn't about to pass this guy up.

It was this shared admiration for the craft of songwriting and musical invention that cemented the partnership and set a clear goal for the burgeoning band: write catchy, smart pop/rock songs would both please and surprise the listeners.

Now, after some time to hone their sound as a band, Edison Gower has an eclectic mix of said pop/rock songs under its belt that just might swim around your head for weeks at a time and there's more where those came from. Lately the prolific songwriting team has been cranking out more tunes than they know what to do with.

We've had to start making lists so we won't forget our own songs, Mark says, seeming somewhat ticked by his band's productivity.

Edison Gower's hard work has not gone unnoticed. Their song, 'Trust' has been featured on the WB TV show Glory Days as well as receiving airplay on L.A.'s legendary KCRW. In addition to that, their song 'Goodnight' was chosen as the second runner-up in the songlounge.com songwriting contest.

As one might suspect, the band's musical influences are wide-ranging from the melodic pop of The Beatles, The Shins, and Fountains Of Wayne to the more rocking, echoing dreamscape sounds of shoegazers such as My Bloody Valentine, Ride and The Boo Radleys, back to acoustic singer/songwriter pop of Michael Penn, Aimee Mann, and Elliott Smith, and on to ambient experimental textures of recent work by bands such as Radiohead and Wilco. Edison Gower may choose to dabble in a wide spectrum of genres and sounds, but that same old goal is always at the forefront: A great melody.

We definitely dip into several different styles of music, Jake explains, because we listen to so many different styles, so it's kind of inevitable that it will all seep into the writing one way or another. But it's that cross-section of styles we have to pull from that makes Edison Gower what it is. You never know what's coming next, but we hope you can get as much out of that musical journey as we do.

Edison Gower is currently mixing its first official album, The Shelf Life Of Butterflies.

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